Vehicle/Driver Monitoring Program

Improve driver behavior with this 24/7 safety hotline service, which provides insight into driver performance help promote safety and prevent crashes.

You must have an NIA Business Auto policy that includes 10 or more insured vehicles. Scheduled vehicles only. If you are not sure whether you have this coverage, please contact your insurance broker directly, or contact our Member Services team.

How Does it Work?

A bumper decal with a toll-free telephone number is used to solicit both positive and critical comments from motorists about how a program participant’s vehicle operators are driving. Participation in the program provides your driving supervisor and fleet safety committee with:

  • An opportunity to learn about the driving habits of your organization’s drivers from fellow motorists
  • The means to dramatically reduce exposure of your fleet to unsafe acts
  • A constant focus on safe driving by vehicle operators because they know that they are operating in a supervised environment
  • An effective tool to enhance the level of goodwill your organization has with the public
  • An early warning identification of vehicle operators who are causing unsafe conditions and who need added supervision to correct unsafe driving performance
  • The ability to eliminate over-supervision of good drivers, so that attention can be focused on those drivers who need it most

We offer a feature-rich service through one of the leading vendors in the driver monitoring industry: SafetyFirst Systems. This program will help you identify drivers who are at risk of becoming involved in a collision and provide tools to help them improve. Service features include:

Aggressive Call Screening

When a call is received, the call taker defuses the motorist’s emotions and then engages the motorist in polite interrogation to gain details of the incident. Polite interrogation is the practice of repeatedly asking for more details to see if the story remains consistent, or if it changes with each retelling. SafetyFirst records all calls as work product in order to help protect your legal rights in the event of crash litigation. This is a thoughtful response to managing the program, especially after considering the possible discovery of raw recordings that may not reflect accurately on your driver’s actions.

Reporting Delivered by Email

Everything you need to run your program comes automatically. Incident-specific training documents are delivered with each driver observation report, which makes on-the-spot coaching easy to document.

Website Access

No more tracking your data in a spreadsheet. Ad-hoc report generators, data downloads, specialty reports, graphs, charts, and more can be accessed and completed online. Documents can also be faxed.

Monthly Driver Training Resource Materials

Receive regular materials updates including access to a large driver/fleet safety online library, which contains downloadable presentations and training packages.

Enhanced Management Reporting

Designed in partnership with safety managers, this streamlined reporting system is easy to use and provides a wealth of information through interactive links.

Participation in the program, and ongoing eligibility, requires that:

  • Your organization maintains an NIA Business Auto policy with NIA, insuring 10 or more member-owned vehicles
  • You are returning your observation reports (MOR) in a timely manner
  • You are maintaining your vehicle log

NIA Members Receive the Following:

  • Free service for all eligible NIA members

How to Access this Resource

To get started with this service, complete the form at the bottom of this page. Our team will verify your eligibility and contact you to establish the subscription with SafetyFirst.

If you have questions or need additional information about this resource, contact NIA Member Services at 800-359-6422, ext. 1727, or