Vehicle Telematics Program

Vehicle telematics is a GPS tracking system that gives organizations real-time insights on driver behavior, allowing for safe corrections that lower the risk of driver-related collisions.

You must have an NIA Business Auto policy that includes 10 or more insured vehicles. Scheduled vehicles only. If you are not sure whether you have this coverage, please contact your insurance broker directly, or contact our Member Services team.

Research shows that driver choices are linked to 94% of serious crashes, and 40% of all vehicle collisions are work-related. NIA members can be proactive in improving driver behavior, reducing the impact of costly collisions, and managing fleet maintenance with easy-to-use vehicle telematics technology.


  • Improve driver safety
  • Reduce loss frequency
  • Optimize operational efficiency


  • Alerts for speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration, and idling time
  • Monitoring for seatbelt usage
  • Real-time vehicle location via online maps
  • Geofences to ensure vehicles are operating in authorized areas
  • Azuga FleetMobile™ app with features to limit distracted driving, reward driver behavior, increase efficiencies, view vehicle diagnostic codes, and much more
  • Preventative Maintenance portal to track and schedule routine fleet maintenance, trigger alerts for service needs such as oil changes, and generate maintenance reports
  • 24/7 access to dashboard portal


  • A simple tracking device connects to the vehicle’s own onboard diagnostics system to send, receive and store telemetry data
  • Using a web browser or mobile app with a secure internet connection, authorized individuals with user credentials can access real-time data in a dashboard portal

NIA Members Receive the Following:

  • Free service for all eligible NIA members
  • Optional services (cameras, roadside assistance) may be added at an exclusive member-discounted rate

How to Access this Resource

To get started, review the NIA Azuga Telematics Program and NIA Azuga Telematics Program Features & Capabilities documents for an overview of the offering. Visit our partner page for more information, including data sheets, on the add-on features.

You can also view an on-demand program overview, in which NIA’s Azuga account manager explains how vehicle telematics work and answers questions about the program.

If you have questions or want to discuss implementing this free program for your nonprofit, contact NIA Member Services at 800-359-6422, ext. 1727, or